Business Planning

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Starting or running your business without a plan is like trying to drive from British Columbia to Nova Scotia without a map. Sure—you might eventually make it, but it probably won’t be the most efficient way to do it. Writing a plan that will get funded can be like building the vehicle that will get you to your destination in the least amount of time, at the lowest cost. Implementing the plan turns into the third challenge, which leaves many business plans filed rather than being a resource.

We Understand.

At Macova Solutions, we believe that one of the first steps in your business’s truly successful Existence is a strong, well thought-out business plan. Business plans generally fall into several categories. The ones we can help with include:

Startup or Concept Plans – these are the overview plans business owners or leaders use to flesh out their business. There isn’t a lot of financial data, processes or risk analysis in this type of plan. We call these vision-driven plans. We often help business leaders vet out the plans, to see if they make sense, and determine how to bring the product or service to market.

Operational Plans – these are plans we most often develop as a result of a business assessment to be used for strategic planning or business architecture. This is the archetype of the “living” business plan, or the plan that should most often be updated as the company grows. This is most often an internal plan that is used for future planning purposes and business analysis. We often help business leaders assess the business, develop the framework for the business, and teach them how to use the plan to assess the business and make good decisions for moving forward.

Presentation Plans or Prospectus – these types of plans are primarily developed for early stage fund raising. This type of plan is used by business leaders to present to potential investors to get the initial seed money for further development in research and development of a business or venture that could prove very lucrative for the investor. Included in the plan are financial models, risk analysis and performance expectations, in addition to information about the product or service being brought to the marketplace.

Investment Driven Plans – When seeking angel investors, private equity, certain bank loans or any other investor, you will need to present a plan that will get you the capital you are seeking. Many investors have people approaching them almost daily to have their plan read. In order for your plan to get read, it needs to stand out, make sense and have a reasonable return. Investors need to know if there is a market for your product or service, how much people are willing to pay for it, how often they will buy it, etc. They need to understand the risks, and the return. These are often born out of Prospectus or Presentation plans and are used to raise substantial funds for starting or growing the business.

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