Strategic Marketing

Sandwich-Board Advertising in StreetStrategic Marketing integrates research, analysis, marketing plan development, testing and execution of a powerful marketing campaign to get the most business from your marketing investments. By approaching your marketing strategically, we are able to help you understand and respond to:

  • How should the business, the product or service be positioned in the marketplace?
  • Who are the target markets, how do I reach them and what will they be willing to pay?
  • How much should I spend on my marketing and why?
  • Who is the competition and how can we move around their strategic advantages?
  • How can we best leverage our unique selling points?
  • How can we best leverage mobile, online and offline marketing techniques to get the greatest conversion at the lowest cost?
  • How can my marketing plan be crafted to help my company reach our strategic goals?
  • What is wrong with our current marketing? Why aren’t we closing more deals?

Our strategic marketing methodology combines proprietary consulting tools with straight talk. We offer thought-out branding that goes far beyond shiny brochures, business cards, a logo and pretty colors. With copy writing and design work that’s engineered to be effective, there is no “disconnect” between our business strategy and creative execution.

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